A child's hand holding a red eft salamander.

Rain Walkers

Red efts, the eastern newt—they are a kid’s dream come true, so small and touchable, and their tangerine color so outlandish in a world dedicated to camouflage. No teeth, no fangs, claws, or quills. They are damp but not slimy, and it looks like they are smirking as if the joke’s on you.

A ruby-throated hummingbird in mid-flight against a green background.

Your Hummingbird Heart on Mother’s Day

I am holding a teacup-sized hummingbird nest in my hands. The outside is covered in silvery green lichen flakes, stitched together with spider silk. The silk not only holds this home together; it allows the nest to stretch and grow as the babies grow. The inside, no bigger than a thimble...

A red fox standing in a meadow.

Fox Time

We're in the zone, totally caught up in the moment, and hot on the trail of a red fox.

Hope on Silent Wings

We try calling, a plaintive “who-cooks-for-you.” I see their faces full of anticipation, straining to hear a response. Children nestled tight against parent and grandparent, eyes wide, bright like those stars up above.

Forest Bathing

With each breath, I taste the autumn air, filled with the scent of sun-warmed leaves and the spicy aroma of the nearby marsh.

Chipmunk Dreams

At night as I climb under our winter quilt, I imagine the chipmunk, snugged down in its den, lying on top of a thick pile of leaves.

Chickadees for the Day

Pshht, pshht, pshht we call as we sit on the frozen ground so close to one another that we can feel the cold spray of our neighbor’s pshht.

Holey Leaves

Most leaves have been homes or restaurants for a variety of insects and other animals. From caterpillars and beetles to slug and snails many animals depend on leaves of trees to survive.

Black Bear Bites: Touch Something Wild

Imagine being able to touch where a black bear left its claw marks on a tree.