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The Animal Adventurer's Guide

How to prowl for an owl, make snail slime, and catch a frog bare-handed.

Book cover for the Animal Adventurer's Guide by Susie Spikol

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Have you ever followed animal tracks in the mud or chased after the glowing trail of a firefly in the night sky?

Want to know how to hold a snake, feed a bird from your hat, and help salamanders cross the road?

If so, you’re not just an animal lover—you’re an animal adventurer and this is the book for you.

It’s packed full of hands-on activities and projects that bring you closer to wild animals than ever before–from feathery birds and furry mammals to slippery herps, crawly arthropods and other intriguing invertebrates.

You’ll get insider tips about tools and techniques of the trade, become a citizen scientist, and then record handy field notes all about your amazing animal discoveries.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Track wild animals any time of year
  • Use a flashlight for night vision to spy on nocturnal animals
  • Start your very own animal scat collection and impress your friends
  • Build a wildlife blind and become invisible to animals around you
  • Collect things like snakeskins, fossils, and feathers
  • Keep a wild guide to your own backyard
  • And so much more!